As Principal of Lostock Hall Academy, I am very proud to share with you an exciting opportunity that students at the Academy have access to as we move forward. We recently launched the PENKETH PROGRAMME, in recognition of the very first Headteacher here at Lostock Hall, Mr Penketh. Thanks to his son and daughter’s kindness and generosity we are now offering the following to our students.

The programme has 3 elements to it:

  • BEST START BURSARY - Awarded to a number of LHA leavers on application annually.
  • MOVING ON BURSARY - Awarded to a number of previous LHA students on application annually after 2 years when moving onto university.
  • ALUMNI PROGRAMME OF EVENTS - LHA CONNECT - Newsletters and networking events for students after leaving the academy.

The Penketh Programme is a mechanism for supporting students when they leave the academy going onto the next step of their educational journey. It offers them the chance to apply for funding to support their onward studies into college, 6th Form, apprenticeship programmes or the armed forces. With a further opportunity to apply for funding in two years’ time to help with University costs, through ‘keeping-intouch’ networking opportunities. Each year the Penketh Award is presented to a current student across the school for endeavour.

As academy staff we always look forward to hearing from students, celebrating their successes. It is hoped that the Penketh Programme will also help to strengthen our alumni, LHA Connect, so that we can share with you all, student success stories.

Penketh Programme

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