School-Led Tutoring


School-Led Tutoring is part of the tuition offer from the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) and it is intended to help close the education gap which widened as a result of COVID-19. School-Led Tutoring Programme is part of the Academy’s Catch-up Strategy. Throughout the year, tutors have prioritised pupil premium students with reading catch-up needs and delivered small group reading interventions. End of year assessments are currently taking place in Reading Plus and Century Tech lessons which will further inform us as to whether all students are reading at age expectation. 


Numeracy catch-up work has taken place within Maths lessons. The Maths team uses Pin Point assessments to identify the personal learning needs of students and uses this diagnostic information to provide one-to-one tuition within a section of a highly structured curriculum lesson. 

Next year, the Academy will continue to develop the Catch-up Strategy by continuing with School-led Tutoring. Evaluations held with leaders indicate that whilst reading and numeracy intervention will continue, there will be intervention work carried out on improving writing resilience, SEND – specific metacognition interventions and behaviour metacognition interventions. Next year, the Academy will coordinate these interventions through a Student Intervention Team made up of senior leaders, core subject leaders and the Transition and Progress Lead and the newly appointed Progress Assistant.