Unavoidable School Closure

In the event of school needing to close due to an unforeseen circumstance e.g. severe weather conditions, please note the following ways school would relay this information to you: 

  1. Please check the school’s website (www.lostockhallacademy.org). This is the preferred method as information can be quickly posted. If you know of a fellow school member who does not have internet access, please could you be mindful of sharing the information with them? Thank you. 
  2. Closure notices are available from local radio stations; Rock FM 97.4 (www.rockfm.co.uk/closure) & Radio Lancashire 95.5 FM. 
  3. Follow @lostockacademy on Twitter / @lostockacademy on Facebook.
  4. The Synergy parent communication system can also be remotely accessed (providing power has not been damaged to school) and therefore the utmost effort will be made to send out a message with the same information as the website page.

This information will be duplicated in reverse to relay information regarding re-opening.

Unavoidable School Closures Policy

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