The Physical Education (PE) curriculum aims to offer all students an ambitious physically orientated in-depth learning experience, promoting health and well-being, with the express aim of developing the commitment/desire to following a life of physicality.

The programmes of study enable students to develop their physical, mental, social and emotional skills through taking up a range of roles (performer/official/ young leader) within the subject area. We aim to facilitate play, physical activity, physical education, sport and active learning all of which combine to improve physical literacy.

All activities take place within a safe, happy and challenging learning environment in which all students feel secure and confident in their own ability to progress.

We provide the opportunity for our students to access a range of pathways linked to further participation in physical activity and sport across different levels of performance (recreational to elite individual/club level).

Alongside this we educate all students in terms of the opportunities available in further education to obtain qualifications/pursue a career in the sport and health/fitness industry.



Learning Journey



Our Physical Education curriculum aims to inspire a generation and provides the foundation for independent learning and lifelong participation within physical activity and recreational/competitive sport.

Students are embodied to utilise the skills and knowledge acquired through Physical Education, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own physical development, mental, social and emotional wellness, which in turn will help them lead an active and healthy lifestyle. They will also be able to transfer their skills, knowledge and fitness to support everyday life activities as well as those based on physical challenge.

Students who complete an exam based qualification in Physical Education will be able to progress into the world of work with a nationally recognised qualification and the attributes, experience and the knowledge to be successful in their future career pathway. Our students are given the opportunity and support to achieve the best grades possible which in turn hold them in good stead for achieving their future aspirations.