To deliver a robust, fit for purpose Music curriculum that is well sequenced and incrementally builds students technical knowledge (ability to play an instrument/sing), constructive knowledge (how Music is built) and expressive knowledge (compose meaningful Music and understand the purpose of Music as a conduit for human expression), resulting in an outstanding and well-rounded musical education.


Learning Journey GCSE

Learning Journey BTEC


The Music curriculum provides a solid foundation for further studies and students will be able to show self-motivation and team working skills as a result of being taught Music.

Through various successful performances, students will have a direct impact on our local community and their engagement in the Arts helping with the wellbeing of fellow students, staff, parents/carers and residents of South Ribble and beyond.

Students will be able to go out into the world of work with a nationally recognised qualification (GCSE or BTEC) and the attributes, experience and the knowledge to be successful in their future career pathway.