The intent of the English Language and Literature Curriculum is to develop students to be confident, fluent and inquisitive learners, through the exploration and understanding of a wide range of engaging stimuli.

As readers, they will encounter a wealth of challenging fiction and non-fiction, allowing them the opportunity to become considered and thoughtful readers, and giving them the tools to communicate their ideas about reading insightfully. The aim is also to inspire an appreciation of literary heritage and to foster a healthy reading culture.

As writers, they will be taught to write accurately, fluently, at length when required, and effectively for their future workplace roles in society. They will also be given the opportunity to be inspired by the artistry of language and to become creative and expressive writers.

As oral communicators, they will be encouraged to listen with sensitivity and to develop as articulate and explorative speakers.



Learning Journey



The impact of the English Language and Literature Curriculum is that students are well prepared for further study, as well as the workplace, with English being the cornerstone of many future courses and professions.

They will be widely-read and knowledgeable about Literature, and will be able to evaluate the impact of language. They will have the capacity for more challenging reading ventures and the inquisitiveness and stamina to continue their success and enjoyment in this discipline.

They will have developed skills as communicators, written and oral, in a manner that will serve them well as they enter adulthood.

They will have two GCSE qualifications, and the knowledge, techniques and experience that goes with them.