Departmental Routines

Departmental Routines (pupils and PE staff)

On arrival at the changing rooms participants should change quickly into the appropriate kit and remove any jewellery. Long hair needs to be tied back for personal safety and that of others. Good behaviour in the changing rooms is essential. While changing pupils will receive instructions regarding the movement to the facility / area in which their lesson is scheduled to take place. Pupils will also receive instructions about any equipment required to be collected / moved for use within the lesson. Pupils should always make their way quickly and in an orderly fashion and settle immediately for the beginning of the lesson. When all pupils have exited the changing rooms they need to be securely locked. The teacher responsible for teaching the lesson must ensure that a register is taken prior to the start of practical activity.

It is essential that the PE Faculty is made fully aware of any short and long term pupil medical conditions so that provision can be made accordingly. A medical / special education needs register is published at the start of every academic year. All PE staff are required to be familiar with all pupils within their teaching groups with any medical or special educational requirements.

Non-participants are required to hand in an excuse note / message displayed in their pupil planner to the teacher responsible for teaching the lesson. All notes should include a brief explanation of the medical or any other reason for non-participation. Parents / carers can also telephone the school or email the PE Department directly with reasons for non-participation. Pupils who have a prolonged injury or illness must support any notes with a medical certificate from their doctor. Non-participants will be set appropriate tasks by the class teacher in accordance with the nature of the problem. This may range from some form of practical involvement within the lesson such as refereeing or scoring to written work specific to the activity that they are unable to participate in. Whenever possible non-participants should still strive to bring and change into appropriate PE kit for lessons to avoid getting their uniform and shoes soiled.

Non-participants who fail to bring the appropriate full PE kit to lessons and without a valid reason for not taking part in the lesson will be given a warning on the first occasion. Failure to bring full PE kit for a second time will result in a lunchtime detention. A third infringement will result in an after-school detention. Parents / Carers will be given a minimum of 24 hours notice of any detentions issued. Details of any detentions issued, along with the reason for the detention, need to be noted in (a) the issuing teacher’s register and (b) the offending pupil’s planner. Pupils who fail to bring an item of kit to lessons will receive a kit mark in the teacher’s register. Pupils who forget items of kit on three separate occasions will be issued with an after-school detention. If a pupil fails to attend a set detention without providing a valid reason then it will be rearranged to be completed as soon as possible. If a pupil misses the detention a second time without a valid reason then parents / carers will be contacted and if necessary invited to attend a meeting in school.

Pupils are responsible for their own PE kit and each item should be named. The PE Department has a limited supply of spare kit and will endeavour to lend these items when necessary. Pupils should check at the PE office when they have mislaid kit to see if it has been handed in / located. Lost items should be replaced as soon as possible with all items of PE kit being available to purchase through the school. Throughout PE lesson pupils need to listen to and follow instructions at all times. As it is a practical and physical environment there will always be a level of acceptable risk. Within this environment however it is therefore essential that all pupils and PE staff adhere fully to all prescribed health and safety rules and regulations in order to minimise the risk of accident or injury. This includes the wearing of required safety equipment, such as shin pads, within certain activities. It is advised that pupils wear gum shields for rugby league lessons.

Each member of the PE staff has a duty of care to all the pupils in their care. If an accident or injury does occur the correct procedures need to be followed. If the injury is deemed to be minor a decision must be made as to if the pupil can carry on within the lesson or instead sit out and recuperate. If an injury is deemed to be serious the pupil(s) involved should not be moved. The teacher responsible for the lesson should ensure that first aid is provided immediately by a qualified member of staff. The school office needs to made aware of the problem and parents / carers contacted. If required the ambulance service will be contacted were necessary the pupil(s) transported to hospital. Details of accidents requiring treatment should be recorded in the Accident Book for future reference. At the end of all PE lessons equipment should be replaced neatly and storerooms locked by the teacher. Pupils should return to the changing rooms and change quickly in readiness for the lesson changeover. Showers are optional but advised for hygiene purposes. The changing rooms should be checked at the end of each lesson by PE staff and any pupil PE kit left behind moved to the lost property area.