KS3 Music

It is the aim of the music department to provide wide and varied access to all forms of music making. Students learn Classical techniques including form and structure, instruments of the orchestra, performance techniques as well as history of composers. Not only this, but popular song writing, music and the media and film music are all topics taught at KS3.

Throughout the first 3 years of music at high school, access to music from different cultures is also provided including music from India, China, and the Caribbean.

Note reading skills are taught for the 3 years at KS3 with access to a keyboard on a regular basis. Students in year 9 now have the opportunity to follow the ‘Musical Futures’ approach to music education. This is a whole new approach to teaching where students use different instruments such as Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Vocals and learn music in a practical, rock band way.

Lostock Hall Academy are the only school in Lancashire designated as a ‘Champion School for Musical Futures’