KS3 Drama and Dance

In KS3 students have 1 Drama lesson per week. Throughout the key stage students work on a range of projects that aim to develop their understanding and use of a range of Drama and Dance skills. The skills developed are revisited as students move through the key stage to ensure students continue to develop and build their skills.

Year 7

Introduction to Drama and Mime - Builds confidence and team building skills and introduces students to some of the basic Drama skills.

Baseline Assessment - Assesses students’ abilities through the exploration of a story through Drama skills and improvisation.

Script Work - Students will study scripts exploring different cultures/areas of history.

Improvisation - Students learn skills of developing characters, sustaining a role and developing their improvisation. This unit also uses drama to explore right and wrong and being a good citizen.

Dance - Learn the basic principles of dance performance and choreography.

Puppetry - Exploring and developing use of voice and exploring different types of puppets from different periods in time and different cultures.

Year 8

Private Peaceful - Students are introduced to the theatre styles of naturalism and abstract drama and explore extracts and characters from the novel Private Peaceful.

Script Work - The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty - Focusing on the script The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty, students explore the issue of bullying and collective responsibility. Students will explore the story using a range of drama strategies and understand how they can bring written word to life.

Melodrama - Putting a theatre style in its Victorian historical context and performing it as it was.

Dance - Building on dance from Year 7, students will learn a set dance and create their own choreography in a nightmare theme.

Make-up - An introduction to stage make-up design and application, to create a dramatic effect. Students create and apply their own make-up design for a Shakespeare performance.

Year 9

Monologue - Students study technique of performing a monologue and explore dramatic impact.

Street Theatre - Students explore the history of street theatre and look at the different performance styles of street theatre.

Improvisation - Students develop and consolidate improvisation skills. Focus on developing the drama.

Dance - Students will build on their past dance exploring dance performance and choreography in the Street Dance style. Students will build up their knowledge of group dance and contact work.

Educational Theatre - Introduction to the style of educational theatre. Students explore challenging issues and develop their own drama to educate others. Citizenship link.