KS3 Art and Design

The visual arts are valued at Lostock Hall Academy. In Years 7 and 8 students have 2 lessons per week and in Year 9 students have one. Throughout the key stage, students look at the work of artists and cultures allowing the styles to influence their own work. They experiment and take risks with a wide range of media and techniques, with the aim to increase their ability in the handling of different materials.

The subject encourages resilient learning, problem solving and learning from mistakes. Photography, collecting imagery and drawing from life is used as a skill to help develop ideas. Final art works are produced on different scales and students have the opportunity to work individually and in groups, showing understanding of the themes and artists techniques. Opportunity is given for students to analyse and evaluate their own and others work to strengthen their designs and skills.


Year 7

- Formal Elements Benchmark

- Self

- African Package Design

- Landscapes

Year 8

- Surrealism

- Viewpoints

- Egyptian Art

Year 9

- Architecture

- Contemporary Arts and Critical Studies 

KS3 Assessment

Informal assessment is on-going during all lessons. Students are involved in their assessments, giving them a clear understanding of the progress they are making. Their work will be assessed by themselves, peers and formally by the teacher. As students’ progress through each piece of work, a written comment giving the strength of the work and a target for improvement will be placed the yellow assessment sheet.

At the end of each unit a summative NC level and ‘Pupil Learning Profile grade are awarded for an individual’s collective work within that unit. NC criteria are used to assess the level. Students have a copy of the assessment criteria in their sketchbooks.

Support at home:

  • Gain an understanding of the schemes of work by looking at the project outline or title page.
  • Research the topic on the internet or at the library with your child.
  • Visit Art Galleries and museums.
  • Encourage your child to draw from something or someone that is directly in front of them.
  • Make art work with your child, as a leisure activity.
  • Help your child to learn colour theory.
  • Help your child to learn spellings of key words specific to projects.
  • Key words can be found in the pupil planner.
  • Help your child to create a scrapbook about a topic or a visual diary, containing information, drawings, research and various media.
  • Give your child opportunity to take photographs and think about the quality of the image.
  • Consider the composition, background and lighting.
  • Enrol your child on local arts activities / courses or organisations.
  • Enter art competitions.
  • Encourage you child to attend Art Clubs at school.
  • Check Show My Homework and ensure homework is completed.
  • Look at the target and mark sheets and ensure your child is responding to teacher feedback.